Slowakische Zeitschrift für Germanistik (SZfG)

Slowakische Zeitschrift für Germanistik (SZfG) is a German studies journal published by SUNG – Verband der Deutschlehrer und Germanisten der Slowakei. The journal was established in 2009 and offers Germanists from all over the world the opportunity to publish their linguistic, literary and translation studies as well as articles on research and teaching in all areas relevant to German as a foreign language.

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Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics

Instructions for Authors

The guidelines and style sheet are specified in the following document:


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us:
Editor-in-Chief: Dr. Nadežda Zemaníková, PhD., E-mail:

Review Process

All submitted papers are reviewed in the form of a double-blind review. The review process is described in the Statutes.

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PhDr. Nadežda Zemaníková, PhD.


The journal is published by:

SUNG – Verband der Deutschlehrer und Germanisten der Slowakei
SUNG – Spoločnosť učiteľov nemeckého jazyka a germanistov Slovenska


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